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World Revolution by Nestor Webster (1922)


World Revolution - The Plot Against Civilization written by Nesta Webster  (1922)


The book details the traces the causes of the French Revolution of 1789 and the Russian Revolution of 1917.  The key players are the conspirators against civilisation; against all decent values. 


To summerise with three quotes from this book –


(i)“the burning of enemies of the powers of this world just created martyrs; it was realised that societies values had to be changed - distorted, twisted - a process which has been continuing for a very long time.”


(ii)Mazzini on his part suspected that secrets were being
kept from him by the chiefs of the Haute Vente, and
Malegari, assailed by the same fears, wrote from London
in 1835 to Dr. Breidenstein these significant words:

“We form an association of brothers in all points of the globe, we have desires and interests in common...we wish to break every kind of yoke, yet there is one that is unseen, that can hardly be felt, yet that weighs on us. Whence comes it? Where is it? No one knows, or at least no one tells. The association is secret, even for us, the veterans of secret societies.”


(iii) Let the words of Barruel, uttered in the face of the same peril a hundred and twenty-five years ago, ring in our ears today:

“Cease to natter yourselves. The danger is certain, it is continual, it is terrible, it threatens you all without exception. Keep yourselves, however, from giving way to that kind of terror which is only cowardice and discouragement; for, with all the certainty of the danger, I say to you none the less - will to be saved and you will be saved...One cannot triumph over a nation that resolves to defend itself. Know how to will as they do and you will have nothing more to fear from them."

How, then, in the face of all this evidence — evidence
which, as we shall see later, other Freemasons confirmed — is it possible to deny the influence of illuminized Freemasonry on the French Revolution? How can we doubt the truth of those terrible words of Barruel which the subsequent history of the world and, above all, its situation to-day has surely justified:

“You thought the Revolution ended in France, and the Revolution in France was only the first attempt of the Jacobins. In the desires of a terrible and formidable sect, you have only reached the first stage of the plans it has formed for that general Revolution which is to overthrow all thrones, all altars, annihilate all property, efface all law and end by dissolving all society.”


Had not Weishaupt declared : " This revolution shall be
the work of the Secret Societies, and that is one of our great mysteries " ?

Letter from Piccolo Tigre, 1822 to the Haute Vente Piedmontaise [secret society]:

“Do not fear to slip some of your people into the very midst of these flocks, led, as they are, by a stupid devotion...put them under the pastoral staff of some virtuous priest, well known but credulous, and easy to be deceived. Then infiltrate the poison into those chosen hearts; infiltrate it in little doses and as if by chance. Afterwards, upon reflection, you will yourselves be astonished at your success.”

The essential thing is to isolate a man from his family, to cause him to lose his morals. He is sufficiently disposed by the bent of his character to flee from household cares and to run after easy pleasures and forbidden joys...after having separated him from his wife and children and after having shown him how painful are all his duties, you will then excite in him the desire of another existence...Stir up the desire of rebellion until it becomes a conflagration, but in such a manner that the conflagration does not break out. This is a preparation for the great work that you have to begin. When you have insinuated into a few souls disgust for family and for religion, let fall some words which will provoke the desire of being affiliated to the nearest lodge.”

“This vanity of the citizen or of the bourgeois for being enrolled in Freemasonry is something so banal and so universal that I am always full of admiration for human stupidity. I am not surprised to see the whole world knocking at the door of all the Venerables and asking these gentlemen for the honour of being one of the workmen chosen for the reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon.”

“To find oneself a member of a lodge, to feel oneself apart from one's wife and children, called upon to guard a secret which is never confided to one, is for certain natures a delight and an ambition.”

“The Alta Vendita [secret society] desires that under one pretence or another, as many princes and wealthy persons as possible should be introduced into the Masonic Lodges. Princes of a sovereign house and those who have not the legitimate hope of being kings by the grace of God, all wish to be kings by the grace of a Revolution. The Duke of Orleans is a Freemason. The Prince who has not a kingdom to expect is a good fortune for us. There are many of them in that plight. Make Freemasons of them; these poor princes will serve our ends, while thinking to labour only for their own. They form a magnificent signboard. It is upon the lodges that we count to double our ranks.
They form, without knowing it, our preparatory novitiate.”


As the letter continues, the following is reminiscent of modern ‘social politics, espoused by politicians, ALL media, university lecturers, etc.  Read the ‘mantra’ of modern 21st century society - written in a letter by conspirators 200 years ago (T.R)

“They discourse without end upon the dangers of fanaticism, upon the happiness of social equality and upon the grand principles of religious liberty. They launch amidst their feastings thundering anathemas against intolerance and persecution. This is positively more than we require to make adepts. A man imbued with these fine things is not very far from us. There is nothing more required than to enlist him.”

It was thus by systematic demoralization that the leaders of the Haute Vente, like the Illuminati, hoped to establish their ascendancy over the "peoples of Europe.”


Nesta Webster fails to tell us who she is quoting in this next exert from her book:(T.R) 


“Unhappily at this new crisis in the history of the working Classes there was no one to point the way, no one who had the insight and the courage to rise and declare: ‘The great experiment of 1789 to 1794 has proved a failure, the principles on which it was founded have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, the goals it set before us have turned out to be mirages towards which we have marched too long with bleeding feet, the methods it employed were atrocious and must never be repeated, the men who led it were the enemies of the people and such as they shall never deceive us again. There is no hope for suffering humanity but to repudiate the Revolution and all its works, and to strike out a fresh path with new hopes, new aims founded not on the dreams of visionaries or the schemes of demagogues but on the true desires of the people.’”


Nester Webster follows this quote by reflecting upon the Russian (Bolshovic) Revolution of 1917: (T.R)


Instead of rallying the people by such a trumpet-call
as this, the men who now arose had nothing better to offer than the worn-out creed of their revolutionary predecessors.
The doctrines that had proved fallacious, the visions
that had turned out to be delusions, the battle-cries that had led the people to disaster were all to be again revived with the same assurance as if in the past they had been attended with triumphant success. 

 On the corruption of the masses: (T.R)


Mazzini...held that the mind rather than the body should be the point of attack:

"The murders of which our people render themselves guilty in France, Switzerland, and also in Italy," writes Vindex [code name] to Nubius [code name], "are for us a shame and a remorse...we are too advanced to content ourselves with such means...our predecessors in Carbonarism did not understand their power. It is not in the blood of an isolated man or even of a traitor that it must be exercised; it is on the masses...Let us...never cease to corrupt.

Tertullian [code name] was right in saying that the blood of martyrs was the seed of not let us make martyrs, but let us popularise vice amongst the multitudes. Let them breathe it in by their five senses, let them drink it, let them be saturated in it...make vicious hearts. Keep the priest away from labour, from the altar, from virtue...make him lazy, and gourmand. You will thus have a thousand times better accomplished your task than if you had blunted the point of your stiletto upon the bones of some poor wretches.

It is corruption en masse that we have undertaken; the

corruption of the people by the clergy and the corruption of the clergy by ourselves; the corruption that ought one day to put the Church in her tomb. The best dagger with which to strike the Church is corruption. To the work, then, even to the very end."


Mazzini on his part suspected that secrets were being
kept from him by the chiefs of the Haute Vente, and
Malegari, assailed by the same fears, wrote from London
in 1835 to Dr. Breidenstein these significant words:

“We form an association of brothers in all points of the globe, we have desires and interests in common, we aim at the emancipation of humanity, we wish to break every kind of yoke, yet there is one that is unseen, that can hardly be felt, yet that weighs on us. Whence comes it? Where is it? No one knows, or at least no one tells. The association is secret, even for us, the veterans of secret societies.”

Bakunin proposing his favourite toast, "To the
destruction of all law and order and the unchaining of
evil passions!"


...we have definite evidence, for the Socialist Malon, who was a member of the Internationale and personally acquainted with the Russian Anarchist, has
explicitly stated that " Bakunin was a disciple of Weishaupt." It is only necessary to study the writings of Bakunin in order to recognize the truth of this statement.

Moreover, in the same year of 1864 that the Internationale was founded, Bakunin and his disciple Netchaieff started a society on precisely the lines of the Illuminati. The plan of such conspirators has always been to envelop one secret society in another on the system of a nest of Chinese boxes, the outer one large and visible, the inner ones dwindling down to the tiny, almost invisible cell that contains the secret. This was the plan of Weishaupt, effected by his grades of adepts, initiated by successive stages into the greater and the lesser mysteries...

We have only to compare the programme of the International Social Democratic Alliance with the plan of Weishaupt to recognize the evident connection between the two. Placed in parallel columns the aims of both will be seen to be identical:


The order of the Illuminati abjured Christianity. ... In the lodges death was declared an eternal sleep; patriotism and loyalty were called narrow minded prejudices incompatible with universal benevolence; further, they accounted all princes usurpers and tyrants, and all
privileged orders as their abettors.

They meant to abolish the laws which protected property
accumulated by long-continued and successful industry; and to prevent for the future any such accumulation. They intended to establish universal liberty and equality, the imprescriptible rights of man, and as preparation for all this they intended to root out all religion and ordinary
morality, and even to break the bonds of domestic life by destroying the veneration for marriage vows, and by taking the education of children out of the hands of the parents.


The Alliance professes Atheism. It aims at the abolition of religious services, the replacement of belief by knowledge and divine by human justice, the abolition of marriage as a political, religious, and civic arrangement. Before all, it aims at the definite and complete abolition of all classes and the political, economic, and social
equality of the individual of either sex. The abolition of inheritance.
All children to be brought up on a uniform system,
so that artificial inequalities may disappear. It aims directly at the triumph  of the cause of labour over capital.
It repudiates so-called patriotism and the rivalry of nations and desires the universal association of all local associations by means of freedom. The final aim of this society was "to accelerate the universal revolution."  pp198


In the Alliance of Bakunin, as in the Communist Manifesto of Marx, we find again all the points of Weishaupt — abolition of property, inheritance, marriage and all morality, of patriotism and all religion. Is it no­t obvious that the plan had been handed down to the succeeding groups of Socialists and Anarchists by the secret societies which had carried on the traditions of the Illuminati, and that Bakunin, and still more his coadjutor Netchaieff, was simply an Illuminatus?

The revolutionary must let nothing stand between him and the work of destruction.
For him exists only one single pleasure, one single consolation, one reward, one satisfaction — the success of the revolution. Night and day he must have but one thought, but one aim — implacable destruction. If he continues to live in this world it is only in order to annihilate it all the more surely. 


On the French Revolution: (T.R)


For this reason no reforms were to be advocated; on
the contrary, "every effort is to be made to heighten and increase the evil and sorrows which will at length wear out the patience of the people and encourage an insurrection en masse."

The second category of the association was therefore to be composed of "people to whom we concede life provisionally in order that by a series of monstrous acts they may drive the people into inevitable revolt."   p198

Bakunin...arrived at the conclusion that in order to found a serious and indestructible society one must take for a basis the policy of Machiavelli, and adopt in full the system of the Jesuits — bodily violence and a lying soul:

"Truth, mutual confidence, serious and severe solidarity exist only between about ten individuals who form the sanctum sanctorum of the society. All the rest must serve as a blind instrument and as matter to be exploited by the hands of these ten men really solidarized. It is permitted, and even ordered, that one should deceive them, compromise them, steal from them, and even if needs be ruin them — they are conspiracy fodder.."


Bakunin describes methods used within secret societies: (T.R)

If you have introduced him to a friend, his first thought will be to raise discord, gossip and intrigue between you — in a word, to make you quarrel. Your friend has a wife, a daughter, he will try to seduce her, to give her a child, in order to drag her away from official morality and throw her into an attitude of forced revolutionary protest against society. All personal ties, all friendship are considered by them as an evil which it is their duty to destroy, because all this constitutes a force which, being outside the secret organization, diminishes the unique force of the latter. Do not cry out that I am exaggerating; all this has been amply developed and proved by me.”

It will be seen that all these were the exact principles and methods laid down by Weishaupt for the Illuminati.

All talk of conditions of labour, all discussion of the
practical problems of industry had been abandoned and
the Internationale became simply an engine of warfare
against civilization.

It is impossible to study the lives and writings of Marx and Nietzsche without recognizing a certain resemblance between the two men; both were continually at war with the rest of the human race, both had been embittered by early experiences, and both were animated by a fierce and undying hatred towards Christianity arising from the same cause, namely that both worshipped force...Whilst Nietzsche desired to maintain the uneducated classes in a state of slavery, Marx aimed at the enslavement of the intelligentzia', whilst Nietzsche advocated the autocracy of Superman, Marx professed to believe in the dictatorship of the proletariat; whilst Marx devoted his energies to stirring up class hatred from below, Nietzsche by his "class consciousness of a higher class " strove to promote it from above. In a word, both were in revolt against the existing social order tempered by Christian forbearance and compassion, which they regarded as debilitating to man's highest faculties.

The inner history of the Internationale, like the history of all revolutionary organizations from the Terror onwards, is simply a series of petty rivalries and of miserable quarrels between the leaders, conducted without the faintest regard for the interests of the people whom such demagogues profess to represent.

Rabaud de St. Etienne's: "Everything, yes, everything must be destroyed, since everything must be remade."

The "equality of the sexes" was a fundamental doctrine
of Nihilism which, as the Pere Deschamps points out,
is only another expression for the destruction of family life:

"According to the Nihilists, men and women live together in little groups where all is in common. In order to be wholly independent the woman must herself provide her livelihood." Maternity being an inequality of nature, "the Nihilist woman therefore willingly abandons her offspring.”

On the Russian Revolution of 1917:

...but as everyone who has studied the latter movement knows, the Russian Revolution from November 1917 onwards was a direct continuation of the French. This was admitted by the Bolsheviks themselves, who repeatedly declared that the first French Revolution must be copied in every detail, and who from the outset took Marat and Robespierre as their models.

A Russian who had been imprisoned under the Bolsheviks wrote to me after reading my French Revolution: "Your book...seems to be the diary of our own revolution, so thoroughly well have our apes learnt their roles...everybody in Russia knew by heart that bloody era, though many of the actors hardly knew how to sign their names!" 


On the French and Russian Revolutions:

...both systems are founded on the same doctrines —those of Illuminism, and that the plan now at work in Russia has been handed down through the secret societies to the present day. The Bolshevik revolution has in fact followed out the code of Weishaupt in every point — the abolition of monarchy, abolition of patriotism, abolition of private property and of inheritance, abolition of marriage and morality, and abolition of all religion.

On the last two points queries will be raised. Has the
Bolshevik Government officially abolished marriage? No;
simply because it has not dared to do so, but its intentions in this respect are made quite clear in the pamphlet of Madame Kolontay, the friend of Lenin, Communism and the Family, in which it is explained that the old form of "indissoluble marriage" is to give place to "the free and honest union of men and women who are lovers and comrades — that is to say simply to free love." 

In this matter the Bolsheviks go much further than
Babeuf, who does not touch on the community of women,
although he is no less insistent on the necessity for the break-up of the family by taking away the children from their parents.


The English Communist, Mr. Bertrand Russell, has described the idea formulated by Madame Kolontay more or less vaguely — so as not to alarm Western mothers — as he saw it in operation during his stay in Russia, Note this passage from Mr. Russell's book:

“It is necessary first to admit that children should be delivered up almost entirely to the State. Nominally, the mother still comes to see her child in these schools, but in actual fact, the drafting of children to the country must intervene, and the whole temper of the authorities seemed to be directed towards breaking the link between mother and child.”


"Wherever I went in Russia," the Rev. Courtier Forster said on his return from that unhappy country, "the Bolsheviks assured me that 'civilization was all wrong' and must be done away with.

An important follower of Lenin observed:

'We have now been at work for two years and you see what we have already done, but it will take us twelve years to destroy the civilization of the world.'"


This section about the destruction of cities:


Seventy years later the Nihilists under the influence of German Illuminism declared: "We must burn down the Towns...What is the good of these towns? They only
serve to engender servitude!”
pp301 the proletariat of Western Europe nothing would be more abhorrent than the destruction of cities. They
love the busy life of towns and all the amenities of civilization; they ask for better homes, a higher standard of living, for modern conveniences that will lighten the burden of the working-woman, for the devices of science, for cinemas and music to beguile their hours of leisure. They do not wish to solve the housing question by becoming nomads.

The cure for social evils— slums, sweating, unemployment, exploitation — is not less civilization but more. The "people" understand this very well, and thus the programme of the revolutionary leaders is still, as it has been throughout, in direct opposition to the wishes of the people. If any doubt on this point still remains, if the history of the World Revolution related in this book does not prove that the revolutionary movement for the last 140 years has been the work of a conspiracy whose aims are entirely unconnected with the interests and demands of
the people...

The author then looks at the possibility of, and then discounts, ‘Jewish conspiricies’


Inevitably, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, first published in Russian by Sergye Nilus in 1902 and in English under the title of The Jewish Peril in 1920, are examined:


So striking, indeed, are certain analogies not only between the code of Weishaupt and the Protocols, but between the Protocols and later Secret Societies, continuations of the Illuminati, that a continuity of idea throughout the movement becomes apparent. The following parallels may prove of interest as evidence of the theory that the Protocols are founded on much earlier models”


Let us...never cease to corrupt...
but let us popularize
vice amongst the multitude.
Let us cause them to draw it in
by their five senses, to drink it
in, to be saturated with it...It
is corruption en masse that we
have undertaken...(Vindex to


Most people who enter secret
societies are adventurers, who
want somehow to make their
way in life, and who are not
seriously minded. With such
people it will be easy for us to
pursue our object, and we will
make them set our machinery in
motion (p. 52).


This vanity of the citizen or of
the bourgeois for being enrolled
in Freemasonry is something so
banal and so universal that I am
always full of admiration for
human stupidity. .. . . (The lodges)
launch amidst their feastings
thundering anathemas against intolerance
and persecution. This is
positively more than we require
to make adepts (Piccolo Tigre to


We have taken great care to
discredit the clergy of the Gentiles
in the eyes of the people, and
thus have succeeded in injuring
their mission, which could have
been very much in our way.
The influence of the clergy on the
people is diminishing daily. Today
freedom of religion prevails
everywhere, but the time is only
a few years off when Christianity
will fall to pieces altogether.


We must extract the very
conception of God from the
minds of the Christians . . .
(p. 17).

We must destroy all professions
of faith (p. 48).


We persuaded the Gentiles
that Liberalism would bring
them to a kingdom of reason
(p. 14).

We injected the poison of Liberalism
into the organism of the
State ... (p. 33).
We preach Liberalism to the
Gentiles ... (p. 55).


The third category of Bakunin
thus described: " A great number
of highly placed animals who
can be exploited in all possible
ways. We must circumvent
them, outwit them, and by getting
hold of their dirty secrets
make of them our slaves. By
this means their power, their
connections, their influence, and
their riches will become an inexhaustible
treasure and a precious
help in various enterprises..."

In the same way with the
fourth category: "We must take
them in our hands, get hold of
their secrets, compromise them
completely in such a way that
retreat will be impossible to them."

We will entrust these important
posts (government posts) to
people whose record and characters
are so bad as to form a
gulf between the nation and themselves,
and to such people who,
in case they disobey our orders,
may expect judgment and imprisonment.
And all this is with
the object that they should defend
our interests until the last breath
has passed out of their bodies"
We will pre-arrange for the
election of...presidents whose
past record is marked with some
"Panama Scandal" or other shady
hidden transaction (p. 34).


Out of governments we made
arenas on which party wars are
fought out...Insuppressible
babblers transformed parliamentary
and administrative meetings
into debating meetings. Audacious
journalists and impudent
pamphleteers are continually attacking
the administrative powers.
The Association will employ all
its means and all its power to
increase and augment evils and
misfortunes which must at last
wear out the patience of the
people and excite them to an
insurrection en masse.

We will create a universal
economical crisis.
Simultaneously we will throw on to the
streets huge crowds of workmen
throughout Europe. These masses
will then gladly throw themselves
upon and shed the blood
of those of whom, in their
ignorance, they have been jealous from childhood, and whose belongings
they will then be able to
plunder (p. 14).

Let us now consider how the Protocols of the
Elders of Zion tally with the Bolshevist programme:

The despotism of capital which
is entirely in our hands will hold
out to it (the State) a straw, to
which the State will be unavoidably
compelled to cling...


Soon we will start organizing
great monopolies — reservoirs of
colossal wealth ... (p. 22).


When we accomplish our coup
d'Etat, we will say to the people:
Everything has been going
very badly; all of you have
suffered; now we are destroying
the cause of your sufferings — that
is to say, nationalities, frontiers,
and national currencies. Certainly
you will be free to condemn
us, but can your judgment
be fair if you pronounce it before
you have had experience of what
we can do for your good ?"

We will turn our hearts into
steel, which we will temper in the
fire of suffering and the blood of
the fighters for freedom. We will
make our hearts cruel, hard, and
immovable, so that no mercy will
enter into them, and so that they
will not quiver at the sight of a
sea of enemy blood, etc. (Krasnaya
Gazette, the official organ of the
Petrograd Soviet of Workers, Red
Army, and peasants' deputies,
presided over by Zinovieff, alias
Apfelbaum, a Jew. Date of August
31, 1918).


We must destroy all professions of faith 


Bolshevist propaganda all over the world has been
carried out by German organization and financed by German as well as by Jewish gold. " I affirm," wrote Bourtzeff, the Russian refugee, " that since August 1914, and in a relatively short lapse of time, the Germans handed over personally to Lenin more than 70,000,000 marks for the organization of Bolshevist agitation in the Allied Countries.”


Bernstein, a member of the German Social Democratic
Party, has declared in the official organ of the party,
Vorwdrts, that he knew as far back as December 1917 that Lenin was in the pay of Germany. More recently, Bernstein has learnt from "a responsible person" that the sum given to Lenin was more than 50,000,000 gold marks, or £2,500,000.1 The Jewish Bolshevik emissaries to the recent Tours Congress, Abramovitch [co-incidental, or related to Roman of Chelsea footbal club fame? T.R] and Clara Zetkin, were discovered by the French authorities to have received money from Germany for the expenses of propaganda in

France. The Jewish agitator is the tsetse fly carrying the poison germ of Bolshevism from the breeding-ground of Germany.


It will be urged, "But why should Germany encourage
Illuminism, since she herself is now a victim of World
Revolution”?  True, the Spartacists of Germany today
are undoubtedly the direct descendants of Spartacus Weishaupt from whom they take their name.

Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg were both leading members of the Order.

Between Berlin and Moscow the understanding is complete. Nicholas Lenin is not the controlling brain of the gigantic conspiracy. Great pains have been taken to represent the present dictator of Russia as a "Superman" of vast conceptions.

Lenin's own writings refute this theory. Where in all his numerous pamphlets do we find a hint of genius or even of original thought? The writings of Robespierre bear at least the stamp of his personality. Babeuf, Illuminatus though he was, brought some native inspiration to bear on his diatribes, but from the days of Marx onwards revolutionary Socialism has always borne the same "machine-made" character and Lenin's pamphlets resemble nothing so much as the instructions of a bogus company promoter directing other would-be bogus company promoters how to "do the trick."

...yet how is it that the many ardent pilgrims
to the shrine of the deity at Moscow have never been
able to bring back a single phrase uttered by the oracle that gives evidence of the slightest gleam of inspiration or of concern for the people of Russia? The one point that appears to occupy him is how to make the system work in spite of the opposition of the people.

Now the avowed plan of the Bolshevists is to do away with the right of private property and establish universal Communism. But the ruse of the conspiracy has always been to use words with a double meaning, and not only this, but with meanings diametrically opposed to each other. Thus when they proclaim the "dictatorship of the proletariat" their real intention is to bring about the complete enslavement of the proletariat; when they talk of the "equality of sexes" what they really mean is to reduce women to a position lower than the rank of squaws.

The word "constitution," as we have seen, has been employed throughout as the signal for crushing an
attempt to introduce constitutional government or for
overthrowing it when it has been established. In the same way the word "Communism" has a double meaning.


H.G Wells:

A passage in Mr. Wells's articles on Russia lends colour to this theory:

“Big business is by no means antipathetic to Communism.

The larger big business grows the more it approximates to Collectivism. It is the upper road of the few instead of the lower road of the masses to Collectivism.”


It is extraordinary how in the light of Illuminism many
things that are happening today which appear at first
inexplicable become clear as daylight; for not only do the six points of Weishaupt form the exact programme of the revolutionary party in England, but it would hardly be an exaggeration to say that every device now employed by it can be traced back to the code of the Illuminati.

Now it will be remembered that the precept most
emphasized by Weishaupt was that the Illuminati should
not be known as such, and after their suppression in
Bavaria every effort was made by the conspirators to persuade the world that their Order had ceased to exist. As the instructions for the degree of Regent expressed it:

"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation."

This device has always been exactly carried out; Freemasonry, Carbonarism, Socialism, the Internationale, have all in turn served as covers to the designs of the conspiracy and the same method is being followed today.

Every effort is made to persuade the public that no conspiracy exists, for once its existence is generally recognized its defeat is certain. Its whole success depends on secrecy.

But, according to the plan of Weishaupt, the principal
activities of the conspiracy are conducted "under other
names and other occupations." The instructions to the
Regents go on to explain the different guises under which one may work. Next to Freemasonry "the form of a
learned or literary society is best suited to our purpose and had Freemasonry not existed, this cover would have been employed; and it may be much more than a cover, it may be a powerful engine in our hands. By establishing reading societies, and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction, and supplying them through our labours, we may turn the public mind which way we will.”


At the same time journalists, even in the employ
of the so-called "Capitalist Press," devote long and
important notices to every book that is calculated to serve the cause — works ranging from heavy treatises on intellectual Socialism to the lowest form of demoralizing fiction. No book subversive of order or morality ever passes unnoticed in the press.


…at the same time, all measures of military and naval defence will be abandoned, national traditions will be swept away, Socialist teachers will inculcate
anti-patriotism and materialism into the minds of the
rising generation.


Just as in the first French Revolution the advocates of "Women's Rights" were persuaded to throw themselves into the movement, so the conspiracy today has succeeded in capturing a large proportion of the "Feminist" movement for its purpose of general demoralization.


M. Copin Albancelli, writing in 1910, described the campaign being carried out by "the Occult Power" for the demoralization of French women and children: "All facilities of corruption...are offered to mothers of families — the family, they go so far as to say, must be destroyed”


These words of warning written 123 years ago
might well be laid to heart by the women of our country
and of America today:
"There is nothing in the whole constitution of the Illuminati that strikes me with more horror than the proposals of Hercules and Minos to enlist the women in this shocking warfare with all that "is good and pure, and lovely, and of good report."

They could not have fallen on any expedient that will be more effectual and fatal. If any of my countrywomen shall honour these pages with a reading, I would call on them, in the most earnest manner, to consider this as an affair of the utmost importance to themselves. I would conjure them, by the regard they have for their own dignity and for their rank in society, to join against these enemies of human nature and profligate degraders of their sex; and I would assure them that the present state of things almost puts it in their power to be the saviours of the world.

But if they are remiss, and yield to the seduction, they will fall from that high state to which they have arisen in Christian Europe and again sink into that insignificancy or slavery in which the sex is found in all ages and countries out of the hearin of Christianity.


For as Robison truly adds:

"Woman is indebted to Christianity alone for the high rank she holds in society...It is undoubtedly Christianity that has set woman on her throne”.


Bebel, the German Socialist, was more honest when he declared: "Christianity and Socialism stand towards each other as fire and water." Yet in the face of such declarations we find a dignitary of the Church of England proclaiming that "if Christ came to earth today He would be a Bolshevik."

Can we not hear again the exulting tones of Weishaupt saying, "the most admirable thing of all is that great Protestant and reformed theologians who belong to our Order really believe they see in it the true and genuine mind of the Christian religion.”
“Oh! man, what cannot you be brought to believe!"


"We only want a knowledge of the evil to avoid it...all secret societies aiming at bad and irreligious ends are
no other than deadly illuminated Freemasonry. Let them
be called by whatever name, they are a part of the system of revolutionary fraud, invented and cast upon earth by Satan to compass the ruin of souls and the destruction of the reign of Jesus Christ." The final end is " form, and that before very many years, the vast kingdom of anti-Christ, which already spreads its ramifications over the whole earth." Only by a realization of this truth can the true meaning of the World Revolution be understood.

Neither greed of gold nor power, neither political nor social theories, however subversive, could alone have produced the unspeakable horrors, the moral perversion, the far more than bestial cruelties that have marked its course. The description of "bloody baboonery" applied to Bolshevist atrocities is unjust to apes. Beasts may wound and kill — they do not torture, do not gloat over the sufferings of their victims; savages may do these things, but even they content themselves with torturing the body, they do not set out to destroy the soul. The spirit of evil that finds expression in the defilement and desecration of sacred things, in the systematic destruction of all nobility, all decency of thought and life, above all, in the poisoning of
the child-mind, can be explained by no natural laws or
mere human passions.
Let us not forget that the cult of Satan which flourished in Bavaria at the same time as Illuminism, and was in all probability connected with it, is practised today in our own country. The powers exercised by the modern Illuminati are occult powers and range from hypnotism to black magic, which, since the days of the magician Cagliostro, have always formed part of the stock-in-trade of the
sect. It is therefore no fantastic theory but the literal truth to say that the present world crisis is a conflict between the powers of good and evil. Chnstianitv is a beleaguered citadel surrounded by the dark forces, which have mustered for the supreme onslaught.
Only in one way can it be withstood. The words of Joseph de Maistre, who, like Barruel, regarded the French Revolution merely as the first stage in the campaign, must be taken as the battle-cry of the White Army today: "The French Revolution is Satanic in its principle and can be only really killed, exterminated, and finished by the contrary principle."

The Christian principle — that is the force that must be opposed to the Satanic power of the World Revolution.

It is because England, with all her shortcomings, in
spite of the recent betrayal of her traditions in the compact entered into with the Bolsheviks by her politicians, in spite of the attempts to poison the life-blood of her people with alien germs of corruption, yet remains the stronghold of Christian civilization, that the conspiracy has made her the principal point of attack. If England goes the whole world goes with her. Marx knew this when he said:

"Every revolution that does not spread to England is a
storm in a tea-cup." And it was also Marx who uttered the cry of despair, “England is the rock on which revolutionary waves are broken!"


Is that rock at last to be overwhelmed?
Not if we hold fast to the same principle that
has saved us in the past. It is recorded that the Comte
de Provence when in England during the French Revolution, said to one of the gentlemen about him, that 'if this country was to escape the general wreck of nations, it would owe its preservation to religion.'


"After the revolution of 1848 a Frenchman observed to Lord Shaftesbury, "You have been saved by the religion of your people."

And today Lenin has declared the greatest obstacle to the success of Bolshevism in England to be the fact that the English working-man founds his ideas upon the Bible.


If the people of our country will but realize the
diabolical nature of the conspiracy at work amongst them, the powers of Hell cannot prevail against us. In ignorance and indifference lie our principal danger. Every outbreak of the World Revolution that has so far occurred has been rendered possible by the apathy of the nation in general. Let the words of Barruel, uttered in the face of the same peril a hundred and twenty-five years ago, ring in our ears today:

“Cease to natter yourselves. The danger is certain, it is continual, it is terrible, it threatens you all without exception. Keep yourselves, however, from giving way to that kind of terror which is only cowardice and discouragement; for, with all the certainty of the danger, I say to you none the less - will to be saved and you will be saved...One cannot triumph over a nation that resolves to defend itself. Know how to will as they do and you will have nothing more to fear from them."


Illuminism is mustering all its forces for a supreme
onslaught in our own country at the present moment. But
the nation at heart is sound and has resolved to defend
itself. Is it possible that this little island of ours is finally to stem the tide of World Revolution and save not only herself but Christian civilization?


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